ISO/IEC 27006-1:2024 publication and CAB transition arrangements

ISO/IEC 27006-1:2024 has been published. The standard sets out the requirements for accredited certification bodies offering accredited certification based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2022.

UKAS has issued a Technical Bulletin setting out the draft transition arrangements for accredited CABs:

As a focus, these are the timelines which UKAS have specified in the Technical Bulletin:

Date                            Milestone/Activity

01 March 2024          Publication of ISO/IEC 27006-1:2024

30 April 2024              CABs to have submitted their gap-analysis to UKAS

01 May 2024             UKAS ready to assess to ISO/IEC 27006-1:2024

31 July 2025               All UKAS transitions of Certification Bodies completed

Based on the recent discussions around audit time planning and remote auditing, there are some interesting updates.