Purpose of the FCB

The Purpose of the Federation of Certification Bodies (FCB) is to provide Accredited Certification Bodies with a membership forum to allow discussion of matters of common interest, with the view to support the delivery of Accredited certification services. This may include collective discussion with representatives of Accreditation body(s) and others to help achieve this aim.

Membership of the FCB is open to all UKAS accredited certification bodies (and accredited certification bodies of other IAF MLA members), on application to the current FCB Chair.

Membership of the FCB is currently free, however all Member Certification Bodies agree to equally share the cost of meetings, whether they attend the meetings or not.

Members agree to attend at least one meeting per year which are held in the UK, in order to remain in FCB membership. Members may provide up to two delegates per meeting, who are both bound by the FCB Code of Conduct.

Members of the FCB will be subject to regular review to ensure these requirements continue to be met. The Chair shall retain authority in such matters but subject to a simple majority ruling at regular meetings.