New FCB Chair Appointed

Today’s meeting congratulated the efforts and commitment demonstrated by the outgoing chair of the FCB Alan Gower (BM Trada) who has effectively steered the membership for many years. Today at his final meeting he handed the reigns to Gary Jones (GCL International) appointed as the ongoing Chair of the FCB supported by Nick Wright (NQA) as Deputy Chair.

Alan was presented with a limited edition Caithness glass paper weight (a keen interest of Alan’s) in recognition of his dedication to the FCB. During the recognition speech Gary Jones explained that “Alan’s dedication to this group is far beyond what appears on the surface, the time spent behind the scenes attending committees, preparing for meetings and generally representing the group should be recognised. For these outstanding efforts we thank and applaud him for this level of commitment”. Gary continues to comment: “I am really excited to take on this responsibility and I look forward to exchanging ideas with members about how we ensure that the mantle formed my predecessors is at least maintained but improved for the benefit of FCB members”.

The Chair of the Federation of Certification Bodies (FCB) can be contacted here.